Stabila Electronic Spirit Level IP65 (Included Bag) 196-2 (400-1220mm)

Stabila Electronic Spirit Level IP65 (Included Bag) 196-2 (400-1220mm)

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Stabila Electronic Spirit Level IP65 (Included Bag) 196-2 (400-1220mm)

• Combines the advantages of the Type 196-2 with electronic measuring technology and two digital displays.
• Two optimally legible digital displays in every working position — illuminated at the touch of a button.
• The display rotates for overhead measurements.
• Instant display read-out.
• Audible inclination guide with three different signals.
• Angle transfer with reference angle mode.
• Keyboard lock.
• Warning if the spirit level is tilted in the second axis.
• Battery life about 150 hours.
• Extra-rigid rectangular aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs.
• Two milled measuring surfaces (up to 122 cm).
• Removable shock-absorbing end caps with anti-slip stoppers.
• Finger-grip openings with profiled gripping ridges.
• Suitable for overhead measurement.
• The whole instrument can be washed.
• Protected against water and dust to IP 65.
• Including a high quality carrying case.

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