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GRAFT® MULTI SEALANT & ADHESIVE is a high performance, professional quality, easy to use sealant and adhesive. Based on an innovative new Inert Polymer Technology it is suitable for a wide variety of building trade applications. Including decorating, flooring, joinery, plumbing, tiling, fire and sound sealing around windows and doors. 

This product out-performs conventional sanitary silicones, MSP’s, butyl & acrylic based products as a sealant and adhesive – the only sealant free from dangerous emissions. 

GRAFT® MULTI SEALANT & ADHESIVE provides primerless sealing and bonding on a wide range of substrates including: CERAMIC, PLASTICS, WOOD, METALS, PLASTER, MASONRY AND STONE.

Benefits & Uses

  • - Excellent adhesion to most substrates 
  • - Dynamic for low and high modulus applications.
  • - Fast cure - max bond strength is attained in 24 hours.
  • - 3D joint movement capability minimum 25%.
  • - Can be used for all applications internally.
  • - Fire rated up to 4 hours both integrity and insulation.
  • - Resistant against radon (radioactive particles).
  • - Recommended for use in joints up to 20mm wide, larger joints widths can be accommodated.
  • - Excellent slump resistance.
  • - Only sealant technology available that is VOC free.
  • - Resistant to mould and mildew.
  • - Low dirt pick up
  • - Non staining of susceptible surfaces
  • - Easy to apply and tool
  • - Excess can be wiped before curing with a damp cloth
  • - Paintable
  • - Low shrinkage
  • - Does not yellow
  • - Compatible with a wide range of substrates
  • - Primerless adhesion.
  • - 25 year mould free guarantee.

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